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Bible Outfit 19 “soft winter”

Enfin Levé Eorri fishtail parka.
Gems Nyc “Une Belle Peinture long sleeve tee.
Enfin Levé Sahatsa Tee.
Msfts Rep black jogger.
Raf Simons classisc velcro strap navy blue.

Grapic t-shirt buy here: Sneakerboy

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Been wondering if you still love me


WaterfallMariele Neudecker

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(via jsnmthw)


Need you to check up on my Miami Condo fam txt me

I’m back in NY, might let it go since from NY I’m straight off to LA


d-pe: so, I called up r kelly and he told me to ask you .. he didn't even know what i was referring to. what camera did you shoot with to get that 90's vintage quality?

lol WHAT?

signofsulfur: Are all you releasing for this season on your website?

Yes the collection drops soon at and the stores who will stock will have the pieces first announcing…..

bapedad: cant believe the progress since the first collections like the kings cry stuff. the sunset shit is so raw man i wish i had the money for that stuff. you are one of few doing it right now that i fuck with.


Doing a give away soon, but in case save up.

bapedad: sounds good homie the white sunset l/s shirt and the black crewneck are some of the best f/w pieces i have seen this season. your originality is amazing as well at a time when everyone wants to make the same stuff... keep up the good work man i hope to own a couple of your pieces in the future. you probably do tons of buisness and im not sure if you do this sort of thing but if you ever do a discount or sale of some sort for homies and old supporters let me know g. stay inspiring

I always appreciate well thought out genuine feedback,

my winter collection really represents who am I and where I’m going,

everyone will see the visuals soon, and release I didn’t want to rush something I put time and effort into, the collection itself was designed while I was in LA in 2013 watched a sun rise on the hill top of Beverly Hills, then returned back later to watch the sunset, explanation for the SUNSET WINTER COLLECTION, it’s a good contemporary collection look out soon at

dijonsamo: i fuck wit your designs man. would love to work wit you

Thanks Who Knows,

One Day We Might Cross Paths Under The Right Circumstances,

And Work On Something For The Future To Wear,

But for now all I know it today

jaywtfuck: cool garments

Thanks Bruh,

Buy The Fall Piece, Buy Buy Buy It’s About To Be Off

signofsulfur: will you be restocking the "That's art" L/S? And if so, when? Thanks.

That’s Art tee is sold out, it was a limited O/S tee,

Originally design was hired artwork but we ended up collaborating

Winter collection will be up soon